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The Mexican Christian Children's Aid is a charitable corporation founded in 1964 by a group of Christian business men concerned over the contrast between the wasteful affluence of our society and the abject poverty found so close to our borders. As often is the case, the plight of the poor is most strongly felt by the children made destitute and homeless by circumstance of neglect and crime.

MCCA is dedicated to helping such needy children through assistance to orphanages, youth work, and other Christian workers. Helping them to find a new life in Christ and to become healthy responsible citizens of their country.

MCCA provides an efficient and effective channel for helping hundreds of children and Christian workers by supplying food, clothing and other necessities on a regular basis.

MCCA is able to insure that the aid is given where most needed and that it is used for its intended purpose.

All donations are tax exempt. Ninety seven percent of all funds received are used directly for aid to needy children and Christian workers. Only three percent or less goes towards administrative costs. Our directors and helpers serve on a strictly voluntary basis, paying for their own trucks and travel expenses

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We have our site on a free hosting service in order to save money so as much of the donations as possible go to the children that we serve. As a result there are advertisements on the top of each page that are placed there by the hosting service, MCCA is not in control of these advertisements nor does it necessarily endorse or support the companies that advertise here. If you or someone you know would like to donate space to us on a web server that would not have such advertising please contact our or a board member.

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